Most Common Same-sex Confusion in the Bible

Does it matter that Adam & Steve can’t make babies?

The beginning of Genesis is about the creation of the heavens and the earth, the animals and humankind.  God created Adam, then Eve.  They disobeyed God, ate the fruit of knowledge, were kicked out of the Garden of Eden and began having children to populate the earth.

Adam and Eve are about where people came from and how to populate the world.  In Biblical times, just as today, you need a man and a woman to make babies – or at least some configuration of sperm and an egg.

It is true that Adam & Steve and Amy & Eve are no part of the creation story.  They couldn’t make babies.  But same-sex couples were not singled out for being wrong, just as others who do not make babies were not singled out.

Who else is not part of the creation story?

  • Men and women who stay single
  • Straight couples who can’t have children
  • Couples who marry too old to have children.
  • Couples who choose not to have children

If one condemns Adam & Steve and Amy & Eve for not being included in the creation story, then to be consistent one should condemn all people who were not included in the creation story. But that doesn’t seem very Christian.

That would also mean that one would condemn Jesus, a single man who fathered no children.

Adam and Eve are about how to create new life, not how to love.