Do You Know?

Not all Bibles are equal.

The Old Testament was written in Hebrew.

The New Testament was written in an old Greek no longer used.

All English Bibles are translations, so the words one finds in an English Bible – or Spanish or Chinese or contemporary Greek etc… – are the choice of translators and not the original words of the Bible.

Translators make mistakes.  They can also put their own spin on what they’re translating.  For instance, in the famous Leviticus passage 18:22 about men lying with men being an abomination, the original Hebrew word is toebah, which at the time the Bible was written meant something closer to unclean or impure.  That is not as strong as abomination. Translators chose the harsh word abomination because of their own beliefs.  Abomination is a reflection of the translators’ ideas, not a reflection of the Bible.

In addition, the words homosexual or homosexuality should not be found in translation of the Bible.  No such terms existed when either the New or Old Testaments were written.  Translators choosing to include homosexual or homosexuality are changing the meaning of the original Bible.

It’s imperfect translations of the Bible that are homophobic.  The Bible itself is not.

Bible quotes for the Our Spirit website are from The New Revision Standard Version.