From the Director

Message from the Director

My great aunt Sissie was born in the 1800’s and we have photos of her helping me learn to walk.  When Sissie died, my father inherited the Bible she’d used her entire life.  In the margins she’d written notes in pencil and different colored pens.  Nearly every page has something.  At the very beginning, in Genesis, she wrote, “Yes, but we don’t know how long seven days is to God.”

Sissie was a serious Southern Baptist.  Her questioning strengthened her faith and she put her faith in action by volunteering full-time for decades at a homeless shelter.  She broke from what was accepted when she invited the first African American men into that shelter.

Sissie died before I realized that I liked guys the way I thought I was supposed to like girls; she never met the boyfriend I married. The way Sissie read her Bible, I feel sure that she would have been there for me.  We could have talked about how some people use the Bible to prop up homophobia the same way that some have used it to prop up racism.

The world is poorer for no longer having my great aunt Sissie around.  But every day there are more and more people who are learning that true faith is only strengthened by questioning.  That we are all God’s children and that everyone is loved for being exactly who he or she is.

Welcome to Our Spirit, a safe place highlighting the information that some churches still choose to ignore.  Information that speaks of love.

It’s a new day.  Love is everywhere.

All the best,

Robert Guthrie
Director, Our Spirit

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