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Thank you, Reverend Peter Gomes

Our Spirit is grateful for Reverend Peter J. Gomes, Harvard University Minister, Professor and author. Peter published many collections of sermons and wrote best-selling books about the Bible, including The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart, which was key for creating the Bible sections of Our Spirit.

Peter was more than a famous minister. He was my partner’s academic adviser at Harvard Divinity School, then his mentor, and finally a friend to both of us. He preached at our wedding and offered his house for the reception.

At our wedding, Peter announced, “God loves Robert. God loves Kent. God loves that Robert and Kent love each other.” An especially helpful message to some of Kent’s family who are conservative Christians. They were in tears and afterward generous with hugs.

Peter died of a stroke on February 28th. His words and his commitment to compassionate Christianity live on. We joked that Our Spirit translated The Good Book for a younger generation. He was pleased about the role his chapter, “The Bible and Homosexuality: The Last Prujudice” had for Our Spirit.

Thank you, Peter, for your wisdom, compassion and friendship.

Your work lives on.

(photo: Peter Gomes, Robert Guthrie and Kent French at their wedding)