Parent Stories

Read about parents who understand that love is the whole story.

Believing in Integrity – Allen, A Father’s Story

For me, the point of amazement is that being gay or lesbian has become much more accepted. more >

I Got My Daughter Back! – Margie, a Mother’s Story

Before I knew about my daughter I had fairly neutral ideas about people who were gay or lesbian. Where I grew up in Indiana… more >

A Church Deacon – Linda, a Mother’s Story

When I first joined the Board of Deacons at our Congregational Church, I was vaguely aware of the fact that the Board was thinking about proposing an Open and Affirming Statement… more >

I Realized My Son Was Happy – Bob, a father’s story

I was raised as a conservative Southern Baptist and even went to a Southern Baptist college. more >

You Were Born Perfect – Charlotte, a Mother’s Story

Several years ago our church decided to become an Open and Affirming church. more >