The Bible

The Bible isn’t always easy.  While some chose to read it with hate, you can read it with love. What would Jesus do?

Most Common Same-sex Confusion in the Bible

  • Sodom & Gomorrah – When is rape okay? more >
  • Abomination… a case of the wrong word, no one stones their children to death, and it doesn’t apply to Christians more >
  • The Bible actually contains no word for homosexuality or homosexual more >
  • Does it matter that Adam & Steve can’t make babies? more >
  • What’s natural to you? more >

Do You Know?

Quick answers

  • At Our Spirit, we believe in the basis for the Bible and the Good News is love. The Bible contains many messages. Some are full of love, life and hope. Others... more >

The 10 Commandments don’t address homosexuality.

  • The 10 Commandments are the foundation to both Judaism and Christianity and don't say anything about homosexuality... more >

Not all Bibles are equal.

  • The Old Testament was written in Hebrew. The New Testament was written in an old Greek. All English Bibles are translations, so the words one finds in an English Bible (or Spanish or Chinese or contemporary Greek etc.) are not the original words... more >

The abomination law doesn’t apply to Christians.

  • The foundation of Christianity is that Jesus brought the Good News. Jesus is the way, the new way. The belief is that if you accept Jesus then you will be saved. more >

The Bible talks more about poverty than homosexuality

  • Even if one chooses to believe the homophobic arguments about the Bible, it seems clear that condemning homosexuals is not nearly as important as helping people who are poor or down-trodden. more >

Conservatives are concerned about gay sex, but what about straight sex?

  • Many conservatives chose to demonize homosexuality but, ignore rules rules for straight sex more >

Jesus never mentions homosexuality

  • Nope, not once. Ever. He told people to love. He loved the unloved, the lowest of society... more >