Our Spirit believes that the true basis of life and religion is love and that all people deserve to be loved, including – especially! – youth who don’t fit the straight and narrow vision of sexuality.  Our Spirit uses the broad reach of the internet and the intimacy of film to help youth develop tools for self-acceptance.


Our Spirit works for when the dominant messages society support all youth in their journeys toward self-acceptance.


  • Adolescence can be difficult enough without struggling with questions of sexual identity.
  • Organized religion is one of the last places where it’s acceptable to spread hate and homophobia.

How will Our Spirit Help?

Our Spirit gives power by spreading positive messages for self-acceptance through the immediacy of film and the vast and personal reach of the web.

Message from the Director

Welcome to Our Spirit!  I think my great aunt Sissie would be pleased.

We are happy to receive support

Join us helping youth realize that they are loved.